Hajj Services:

First Travel Centre is a professional travel agency that strives to give its customers exactly what its name suggests,
tension-free traveling to holy and blissful destinations.

Whether you are a Hajj Pilgrim wishing to travel to Holy Lands, business traveler, looking for the most cost-effective yet
comfortable trip or a holiday maker aiming to make the most of your travel experience well within your budget...let us, the
experts at First Travel Centre, do the planning for your trip so that all that is left for you to do is: to enjoy yourself and like we say… Experience Incredible Traveling!

With costs on the rise, a shortage of time and a chance of making a bad choice out of the many options to choose from, traveling is viewed as merely a painstakingly stressful and complicated experience. For this reason, the First Travel Centre team is here to put the fun and excitement back into your vacation.

Through our travel expertise, you have the benefit of availing the advantages of amazing travel deals, a hassle-free global hotel booking system that offers the lowest rates for the world’s most luxurious hotels, convenient destination traveling and exciting tours make any trip a complete bliss!